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Proč se mnou

I’ll gently push you beyond your current limits and help you expand your comfort zone. However, as I don’t sell miracles, the results will depend on how much work you are willing to do yourself. I shall be your kind guide, because the process is more enjoyable when you go accompanied, isn’t it?

Jak vypadá moje typická lekce

It’s like a friendly chat; but you’ll be very active and do most of the talking (in English, of course!) while I’ll listen and take notes in order to give you specific language feedback later, mainly on vocab, grammar and pronunciation. (Oh yeah, pronunciation!) The topics and language focus will depend on your interests and needs.

S čím vám pomohu

Would you like to take your English to a higher level? Do you hit your limits when it comes to challenging texts, fast speech or expressing complex ideas? Despite being fluent do you sometimes sound rather Czech? Would you like to make a better first impression by sounding like a native? Or deliver great presentations? Well, I will gladly help you out!

Jaké metody používám ve výuce

The methods I employ very much depend on what we focus on. Active listening works best if you wish to practice speaking. For pronunciation and certain grammar issues drilling has proven effective. The common denominators, however, are an interactive lesson and active student who discovers something new & useful in every session. We use authentic materials found mostly online.

Moje vzdělání


  • Teaching English as a second language – Bachelor’s and Master’s degree
  • Experiential and reflective learning (life-long education program, 2 years)

Long courses (100+ hours)

  • Lecturer skills for teachers
  • Reading, writing and critical thinking
  • Courses on using movement, dance and improvisation in work with people

Jak se spojíme

I enjoy receiving hand-written letters, but a message here will do, too. If you provide me with a number straight away, we can communicate quicker and soon meet online. (I will send you a link to Google Meet). Once we start learning together, I use Skype. It’ works great, really! 🙂

Co mě baví kromě učení

Dancing, walking barefoot in the countryside, sleeping, writing, reading, doing crafts, learning languages, occasional traveling and deep meaningful conversations.

Nabízené služby
Let’s meet first
Before deciding to work together, let’s meet for 20-30 minutes to discuss your needs, expectations and aspirations to see whether we’re a good fit. Free of charge, no commitment yet.


One-on-one lessons
45 min for 550 CZK / 60 min for 660 CZK
once or twice a week
Let’s focus on taking your pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar to a higher level! We can also practice your conversational and presentation skills to help you gain more confidence when interacting with others in English.


Two-on-one lessons
60 min for 800 CZK (for both students)
once or twice a week
For two students of a similar enough level and needs.


Daily contact on WhatsApp
4 weeks for 3 500 CZK
The best way to become more fluent and confident is using the language daily. That’s why you’ll send me text/audio messages from Mon to Fri, and receive daily feedback. We can focus on any language skill. This is flexible but intensive learning; you need about 30-40 min a day to make most out of it, but not necessarily in one block. Great for motivated teenagers as a complement to school lessons!


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6 recenzí Zuzana Bzonková

  1. Andrea

    Zuzana is an outstanding teacher. I admire her approach and the effort she puts into every class. She teaches with ease and corrects mistakes I make.

  2. Iva

    I recommend the Daily Contact to everybody who wants to improve their language, not just speaking and listening, but it has also helped me with writing. Zuzka is an excellent teacher; she helped me immensely with my mistakes. She is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I have never tried this form of learning, recording messages, which is fantastic! You can record them any time you want, and this is the most significant advantage as our leisure time is often limited. Zuzka is excellent not just as a teacher but also as a person; I like her sense of humour and opinions. As we have so much in common, finding the right topic to discuss was easy. I am so satisfied that I will have the second Daily Contact in a few months again. And I will also have some online lessons regarding phonetics in the summer with her; I’m looking forward to it so much 🙂

  3. Magda M.

    I higly recomennd you Zuzka as an English teacher. She is very friendly, empathetic, nice person with perfect knowledge of English and pronunciation! She can help you a lot with English. Her English lessons are completely adapt to your needs and are very inspiring.

  4. Natasha

    Zuzka has a vibrant personality, yet she’s also calm. Her lessons were inspiring, dynamic and fun, intensive but sometimes soothing and almost therapeutic, which was unique. It was like catching up with a friend and I always looked forward to them. She’s introduced me to a few highly interesting people online I’ve listened to since then. She helped me a great deal with my pronunciation and gently pushed me into working on daily basis, which – over time – paid off and I became a confident user of English.

  5. Vojtěch Klos

    Výborná lektorka, která vás dokáže hravě a energeticky učit. Neustále hledá způsoby jak zlepšit svůj styl učení a dokáže se přizpůsobit různým studentům. Také pořádá pravidelné schůzky jak v češtině tak v angličtině, při kterých rozvíjí komunikační dovednosti všech zúčastněných. Doporučuji všem, kteří jsou ochotni pravidelně zlepšovat svou angličtinu.

  6. Miki

    Super učitelka, která mi pomohla celkově s angličtinou. Oceňuji zajímavé konverzace, s kterými se angličtina dobře učí, a příjemnou atmosféru. Vřele doporučuji.

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