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„English teacher and language coach“

Jakým stylem učíš?

I teach without course books and with a smile. Your language needs and learning preferences determine what materials we will use. I want both of us to have a good time in the lesson so that we can both leave feeling good about it.

If you are looking to grow in your language learning, I will help determine your language goals and suggest different ways they can be achieved. Together, we will figure what works best for YOU and how you can best surround yourself with English so that you fall in love with the process of learning the language and see it as fun rather than hard work.

If, however, you need short-term preparation for a job interview, an important presentation or a meeting, or you just need an email writing boost, we will get straight to the point, making sure you’ll get all the language you will need and we’ll practice the necessary skills.

I will make sure that all the lesson materials, new vocabulary and pronunciation is in a shared Google document so your learning is organised and accessible whenever you need to review it.

Co je pro tebe při výuce nejdůležitější?

You, your learning goals, and the methods and materials that suit your learning style and preferences. The lessons have to be enjoyable, fun, and engaging for both of us so that it is not ‚studying‘ you are doing but having a good time through English while getting closer to achieving your language goals!

Proč tě baví učit?

I love helping people achieve their dreams and celebrating their success with them. Your progress is what I enjoy most about my teaching. I will be genuinely proud of you when you’ll get to where you wanted to be!

Jak vypadá tvůj ideální student?

My best results are with B1-C1 learners. If you are curious, motivated, and ready to love your English learning, you are my person and I cannot wait to meet you!

Na jaké oblasti angličtiny se zaměřuješ?

Conversational and Business English

Jaké vzdělání, zkušenosti, certifikáty máš?

– BA TEFL degree (Teaching English as a Foreign Language, University of Essex, UK)
– MA TESOL degree (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Essex, UK)

– 15 years of life in the UK
– 6 years of teaching in British primary schools
– 1 year of volunteering teaching English in refugee centre in the UK
– 2 years of private online teaching as a freelancer (1500+ taught online lessons)
– 180+ happy students

– The Montessori Method with Young Adults and Adults in Language Learning (Lingua Piu Centre, Italy)
– Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate (University of Essex)
– Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching (Lancaster University course)
– Teaching English Online (Cambridge Assessment English course)
– Speech and Language Specialist Level 2

Co tě baví krom učení?

I am a passionate salsa, bachata, and kizomba dancer. I am quite outdoorsy and enjoy long hikes in the nature, especially in the mountains! I like to be creative. I also enjoy taking pictures of nature or interesting architecture. Learning new languages is definitely my thing, currently going for Spanish (intermediate) and Italian (beginner). I also very much enjoy travelling and exploring new places!

Nabízené služby
Are you interested but want to first see we are a good fit for each other? Good thinking!Message me and let’s set up a quick call (20-25min on zoom or other such platform) where we’ll discuss your language needs and what could be done about them. If we are a good fit, I will be looking forward to then seeing you in a lesson 😉


60 min English lessons tailored to your needs (conversation, job interview prep, help with CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile improving, English for work/ business English – emails, meetings, communication with colleagues/ clients, etc.; academic writing help, grammar)1 lesson 770kc
5 lessons 3800kc
10 lessons 7500kc

We will meet regularly on zoom or other platform of our agreement for 1:1 lessons that will help you grow both in knowledge and in confidence. All notes about vocabulary, pronunciation, and any lesson materials will be kept in a shared Google document which you can access any time online. Every lesson will address agreed topics but also your grammar and pronunciation so that you can grow consistently and be proud of your improvement.


10 weeks of 75min online lessons in a small group where you will have enough space and opportunity to put your speaking skills into practice.10 lessons course 3400 kc

I consider my groups the ‘next step’ in your learning. Once you start being comfortable talking 1:1 to your teacher, it is time to move on and grow. Learning to express yourself confidently in the safe environment of a small group of learners who are on the same boat with you will kickstart your speaking success. It truly is something else and my students have great things to say about their experience in the group!

My next group lesson will be running on Zoom every Tuesday from 31.1. until 4.4.2023 from 10:45 am to 12:00 CET (midday). Will you be there?

If you are social, open minded, and ready to meet new, exciting people, while growing in your English skills, this group is for you! I always try to keep the group as international as possible so that different accents can be explored. Each course also welcomes a ‘special guest’, an interesting English speaker from abroad for you to meet and make friends with. Indeed, you will speak, speak, and speak!

All notes from the meetings, including new vocabulary, pronunciation, potential mistakes, and any relevant materials and links will be available to you through a shared google document that you can access online any time.

If this offer sparked your interest or if you have any questions, get in touch and see if this course is right for you.


This 90 min language learning consultation is suitable for you if you are quite an independent learner. You have been learning alone for some time but now you hit a plateau. You feel stuck and you are not sure how to move on.90 min 1200 kc

In the consultation, we will discuss your learning strategy and get some new ideas on how to organise yourself with your learning.

The consultation will help you with:
– Assessing your current learning strategy
– SMART language goal setting
– Effective language study advice
– Preparation of a weekly learning schedule that works for you!

We’ll do all the hard work together and then off you’ll go, ready for success. You’ll have a clear direction of what you need to be doing on a weekly basis to achieve your learning goals.

All the notes from the consultation will be available to you on a shared Google document with your name so you can revisit them any time.


Individual and/ or group lessons for employees. Always adjusted to the specific needs of the company and the individual learners. Preparation for presentations, meetings, email writing, general speaking fluency, and confidence in English.Price according to our mutual agreement.

Contact me and let’s discuss everything online over a coffee.


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2 recenze Suzie Delgado

  1. Kateřina

    Zajímavé, zábavné a systematicky vedené lekce, Suzie můžu opravdu doporučit.

  2. Iveta

    Hi Suzie 🙂
    thank you very much for taking care of me and my English.

    Všem mohu Suzie jen a jen doporučit. Na lekce jsem se vždy těšila.
    Obzvláště oceňuji péči o dobrou výslovnost, po každé odučené lekci jsem obdržela video s procvičenou výslovností – pro další trénink. To byla velmi užitečná vec.
    O zápisech / deníků z lekcí nemluvě.
    Během lekce Suzie zapisuje vaše chybky a vy je musíte do příště opravit – velmi chytré pro upevnění znalostí.
    DĚKUJI za lekce i stálý úsměv na tváři.

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